Meals of the Week

Monday April 4
Skillet Goulash
Potato Salad
Frozen Peanut Butter Pie

Tuesday April 5
Fiesta Taco Tart
Thousand Island Salad
Strawberry Patch Shortcake

Wednesday April 6
Chicken-Fried Steak
Cream Gravy
Double Fudge Drops
Angel Fluff Mashed Potatoes

Thursday April 7
Feisty Franks
Browned Butter Bars

Friday April 8
Frozen Lima Beans Braised With Swiss Chard And Dill
Sweet Potato Biscuits
Smoothie à la King
Rolled Stuffed Pork Loin

Saturday April 9
Salmon with Yogurt and Mint Dressing
Apple-Carrot Salad
Chocolate Praline Sauce

Sunday April 10
Martini's Fiesta Olive Spread
Bossk Brownies
Pepperoni Bites
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